The American Cars We’ve Driven This Year and Loved

If it’s domestic metal you’re after, this list is a damn good place to start your search.


Now that our America Issue is in full swing, it seemed apropos to take a look back at the American-made cars that we’ve gotten behind the wheel of this year. From one of the most groundbreaking, technologically advanced (not to mention one of the most expensive) cars America has ever put forth, to a good old-fashioned V8 bolted into a vintage car with no roof — there truly is something for everybody. So, if it’s domestic metal you’re after, this is a damn good place to start your search.

The Car That Forced Porsche To Redesign Its Fastest 911

The best Ford has to offer, all in one mind-blowing car.

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The ’70s, Distilled

When someone tosses you the keys to an incredibly rare 1973 Super Jeep, you shut up and take it for a spin.

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Ford Performance, On a Budget

Performance cars tend to take themselves too seriously; the Ford Focus RS shows cars can (and should) have a sense of humor.

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A New Era of American Luxury

Lincoln is finally doing things on a par with the global giants.

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A Pickup With Power

This isn’t a truck for the faint-hearted; it’s made for survival only.

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GM’s First Electric Car That Doesn’t Suck

Fun, practical and innovative, the Bolt EV is a harbinger of an electrified future for all.

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More ‘Murica

Despite its flaws, America will always offer much to be proud of. We hope a few of these stories remind you of that. Read the Story

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