The Early ’90s Are Back Thanks to This Italian Defender 90

This Defender is poised to set itself apart from the not-’90s-enough-badass-vehicle scene.

Imagine if the Brits had rebooted The A-Team (the best action television show ever) four years after the American run ended and set the whole thing in Italy. This would have been their official vehicle. If you squint, you can almost see Signore T scowling in the driver’s seat, wearing eight pounds of gold chains over a severely stylish Versace silk tie/muscle shirt ensemble. You see, this diesel Defender was bought from an Italian estate sale late last year before being imported to Illinois in March.

According to the listing, the basics are: about 125,000 miles on a 2.5-liter turbodiesel four-cylinder; five-speed manual; recent recommissioning work completed (seals, brakes, belts, etc.); and “safari-style roof rack, tow hitch, and an…altimeter/inclinometer gauge.” Interior and undercarriage are all in great shape. But it’s the look of the thing that really sells it: possibly the perfect color scheme, which is claimed to be original paint, albeit with some scraped and small dents (read: “patina”).

You’ve got two days to make this your own, so if you or anyone you know is part of a crack commando unit committed to old-fashioned justice — and you have incredibly good taste — jump on it. At the time of publishing, bidding had only just eclipsed $13K.

Bid Now: $13,250

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