Land Rover Will Lend You a Defender for a Day, Just to Go Off-Roading

Drive the Defender as it was meant to be driven.

Don’t book the flights to England just yet — Land Rover is offering these Defender Driving Experiences right here, in North America. Land Rover Experience Centers in California, North Carolina, Vermont and Quebec are essentially sanctioned off-road courses with hill climbs, rock crawls and forest trails to drive the Defender as it was meant to be driven.

For $275, Land Rover will hand over the keys to a new Discovery for an hour, but what you really want is the Heritage Program. For $1,200 (half day) or $1,500 (full), you get access to the Defender 90, Range Rover and Discovery. If you’re figuring out weekend plans, taking a Defender out on the trails, through wading pools, over ruts and up 45-degree inclines is a no-brainer (especially if it’s not your Defender).

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