Subaru Drops Hints of the New WRX Ahead of the Tokyo Auto Show

All the classic WRX hallmarks are there, with some extra-important details.


Next month’s Tokyo Auto Show is shaping up to be a busy one for Subaru. The company is bringing a total of three concepts, in addition to the rest of its display. And now, teaser images of the Subaru Viziv Performance Concept were released early and appear to hint at the design of the next WRX.

The next-generation WRX that this concept might hint at isn’t expected on the road until 2020. When you consider the current WRX only went on sale in 2016, it makes sense. What Subaru really wants to show off with the Viziv Performance Concept is the evolution of its design ethos — and, most importantly, driver-assist technology, which should be road ready by 2020. Coincidence?

Among the flared-out and vented wheel arches, the integrated rear spoiler, the cameras housed in the side mirror–replacing fins and aggressive L-shaped headlights, there are a few subtle touches that hint at massive changes. Two small bumps at the top of the windshield and lights at the top of each wheel arch suggest something along the lines of semi-autonomous features. It’s hard to believe Subaru would highlight and celebrate simple blind spot warning systems; this has to be something more.

It will be interesting to see what Subaru has planned for the next-generation WRX. If no one beats them to the punch, it might be the first enthusiast’s car to adopt some level of autonomous driving tech.

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