Bremach T-Rex

Mean Green


Essentially a plug-in steroidal, man-sized Tonka truck, the Bremach T-Rex takes green power beyond mere passenger cars and into the realm of ruggedly capable vehicles. Bremach has been making industrial grade trucks since the 1950s and is now breaking new ground with this monster that houses a 100kW electric motor providing a 150 mile range, just enough to drive around your city to simultaneously petrify and impress diminutive hybrid drivers. For increased range, you can also opt for a standard gas V8 powered engine that gets a lengthy 20 mpg on the highway. The most boast-worthy aspect of this beast of burden is that the spaceframe can handle 5 Gs of force, the equivalent of having an angry herd of pregnant rhinos run at it (just kidding).

Buy Now: $120,000

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