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You Can Buy Steve Jobs’ Actual BMW Z8

It even comes with a Motorola flip phone.


Though Apple founder Steve Jobs wasn’t really much of a car enthusiast, he did seem to have a thing for German cars and bikes, having owned a string of Mercedes SLs (which, through a legal loophole, never bore a California license plate), a Porsche 928 (which supposedly served as inspiration for the Mac 128K) and some BMW motorcycles. But this beautiful titanium-hued BMW Z8 must’ve been the crown jewel of Jobs’ automotive collection. Now it could be yours when it goes under the Hammer at RM Sotheby’s December 6 auction in New York.

With less than 6,000 Z8s produced and a $128,000 price tag when new, the Z8 was BMW’s halo car during the early aughts and very quickly became a collectible shortly after its initial release. Given that, as well as the provenance of the car’s former owner and its condition — it has just 15,199 miles and has been immaculately maintained — this particular Z8 is expected to go for over $300,000 at auction. The car even includes a BMW-branded Motorola flip phone that came with the car when new — though purportedly Jobs loathed it.

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