Porsche — Yes, Porsche — Just Created a Total Game Changer for Electric Trucks

But will the technology actually make it to a truck?

porsche cayenne gts shot from the rear parked in a dark parking garage

Optimal aerodynamics are vital for maximizing electric vehicle range, which is why we're seeing some seriously swoopy Mercedes sedans and nearly every EV manufacturer experimenting with flush door handles. A dangling tow hitch can be a major source of drag for electric trucks and SUVs. But Porsche appears to have developed a solution for it.

CarBuzz spotted that Porsche filed patent paperwork in both the U.S. and Germany for a new multi-part rear diffuser that could minimize the impact of the tow hitch. When not in use, the tow hitch would tuck inside the vehicle for better aerodynamics. When parked, the driver would be able to lower the diffuser, move the tow hitch into position and then move the diffuser back around it to still get most of the underbody airflow.

drawings depicting a porsche patent for a retractable tow hitch

Towing is a major limiting factor for electric trucks. EV trucks have a ton of torque and can tow a fair amount — up to 10,000 pounds in the F-150 Lightning. But towing can cut an EV truck's range by about half. A solution like Porsche's would make an EV truck more efficient while towing and when not towing.

Will we see Porsche's solution on an electric truck? Well, Porsche doesn't have a pickup — though they once seriously considered building a minivan so don't put it past them if it would sell well. So this system would likely be earmarked for the Cayenne, the Macan (which is going all-electric) and the Taycan Cross Turismo.

But the technology could make its way across the Volkswagen Group to Audi, reportedly considering a luxury pickup and the new Scout EV and truck brand launching in 2026. And we would not be surprised to see functionally similar setups deployed in other EV trucks.


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