Xplore Adventure Series FJ Cruiser

Swamp Thing


The reimagined stock Toyota FJ can’t exactly hold a candle to the rough and rugged original that is still an icon in the SUV world and practically invented the term in the first place. That’s all changed with the XPLORE Adventure Series FJ Cruiser, a seriously beefed up version that essentially makes the FJ ready for just about anything you can throw at it. The first one built will be auctioned off this summer to benefit the National Park Foundation. Talk about a worthy cause. If you don’t win, you can have your FJ festooned with up to three stages of amenities at your participating Toyota dealer or simply have one custom built for you. With a redone luxury interior and beautiful matte green exterior, it finally looks as much at home in the backcountry as the stock one did at the local strip mall. With IPF headlights, a mammoth brush/grille guard, an ARB Snorkel for deep water drives, built-in winch, blackened wheels, and steroidal tires and suspension, the Adventure Series FJ just might bring you up two or three notches on the manliness scale when you drive it. Just make sure you do more than take it to your PTA meetings or the grocery store. GP just might have to come and take it off your tender hands.

Price: $2,000-$10,000+ (options only)

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