1969 Aston Martin DB6 Volante Mark II

Royally Good


For those of you men who woke up early on Friday morning to watch the Royal Wedding, may we kindly ask you to return your man-card? The only thing worthwhile that emerged from the media shark-feeding frenzy in our minds is the supremely classy 1969 Aston Martin DB6 Volante Mark II Prince William had the privilege of driving on his big day — okay, so it was borrowed from dad’s collection, but still. One of only 36 MKIIs made, this particular gem was converted to run on biofuel, specifically made from the remnants of British winemaking, though we’re sure drinking and driving is still not encouraged. The Mark II can be distinguished from your “average” DB6s by the capacious wheel wells that make room for the large signature wire wheels, along with a boost to 325 horsepower thanks to an upgraded carburetor. No word on what this royal grapemobile churns out, but it undoubtedly is a rare automobile, made rarer still with the modified combustion. The Prince may be a bonafide RAF helicopter pilot, a descendant from true royalty and he certainly has a stunning bride by his side, but we all now know that his true claim to fame is having the the opportunity to helm one of the most beautiful cars to ever roam the earth. Congratulations, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Now, light up those tires.

This begins and concludes our one and only post about the Royal Wedding. Normal posts resume… now.

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