Parking Your Superyacht for a While? Hop on the VQ11 Sportsline

What makes Vanquish Yachts' $75,000 VQ11 Sportsline worth talking about –– by Gear Patrol Studios.

vq11 sports line boat

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The VQ11 is unforgettable. The "water scooter" combines what Vanquish Yachts calls "astounding design, effortless steering, first-class technology and unrivaled comfort" in one bombshell package. It’s equipped with an engine that packs a big punch, big enough to also be set up as a wakeboarding or water-skiing tow boat. But more than anything, this machine is just beautiful.

The VQ11 was designed to match Vanquish Yacht’s traditional – sleek, chic and decidedly ‘elevated’ – aesthetic. From afar, it gives "jetski," but up close, this watercraft evokes nothing but true yacht-level luxury.

Vanquish insists there’s no better feeling than pulling up to a harbor-side restaurant on the back of the VQ11, and frankly, we’re not prepared to argue.

couple riding on a vq11 sports line boat
Vanquish Yachts

The Backstory

Vanquish Yachts Lives By One Slogan: "Not for Everyone"

Vanquish Yachts is based in the Netherlands, which it calls ‘the epicenter of the world’s premium yachting industry.’ Its slogan is meant to reinforce that its products are inventive, non-conformist and decidedly premium – with the mass of its production requiring custom, one-off builds.

In 2016, Vanquish expanded its lineup to offer two "superb" tenders: the VQ11 and a VQ16. Traditionally, a yacht tender is used to transfer passengers to and from shore from a larger boat. That said, these smaller vessels are also often used for play and other water sports, which is why the company focused on positioning the VQ11 as a more versatile watercraft.

While Vanquish Yachts also specializes in one-off, bespoke superyachts, the company emphasizes that every boat in its traditional VQ range maintains a similar "radical appearance" and "elegant allure." Consequently, its VQ11 was built to maintain the same aesthetic and fit seamlessly into the garages of the company’s most popular models.

The Gist

Vanquish Yachts Lives By One Slogan: ‘Not for Everyone’

The VQ11 Sports Line stretches 11 feet long and comfortably seats up to three people at a time. Visually, its sleek white body pops against a wooden deck and camel-colored decals. The watercraft is also available in a navy blue colorway, which remains just as chic, and features all-white seating.

The machine boasts a 170-horsepower Seadoo engine capable of 50 knots. However, Vanquish balances the VQ11’s horsepower with a limited draught (about 9.8 inches) and a five-foot-long beam to ensure it stays incredibly stable. This means that while the water scooter is just as ready for wakeboarding or waterskiing as a traditional jetski, it's also much easier to maneuver and a great option for new drivers.

The tender was designed in partnership with the famed superyacht interior and exterior designer Guido de Groot, and Vanquish emphasizes that it’s sure to "make people gaze on in envy wherever you go."


The VQ11 Sports Line is A Bombshell Watercraft Built for Yachting and Beyond

While it’s built to fit seamlessly into your favorite VQ Power Boat or Superyacht, the VQ11 will pair elegantly with any water vehicle. A perfect rival to the popular Williams 325 Tender, this water scooter is a reliable upgrade on tenders past and present.

Of course, fans can always secure the VQ11 before bringing home a yacht. The watercraft is built to perform on its own, and speeding around the bay will always feel better when done in (such) style. Plus, looping around the harbor on the back of the VQ11 could help fuel a little research -- and surely allow one to hone in on the right powerboat.

That said, this watercraft totes a more elegant design than most impulse buys, and comes with the price tag to prove it. So before you book that dolphin tour, do keep in mind that pricing starts at $75,000.

Price: $75,000+


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