America’s Best Selling Pickup Truck Gets 600 Horsepower and Six-Wheel Drive

Hennessy’s most insane take on the Ford F-150 Raptor yet.


Hennessy’s most insane take on the Ford F-150 pickup now has six-wheel-drive to go along with its 600 horsepower. The three-axle monster made its debut at SEMA earlier this year as a concept but is now available for order — complete with a $349,000 price tag.

Now, that may seem like a lot of money for what amounts to a remixed dualie, but for the money, Hennessey not only takes a Ford Raptor and adds the extra locking rear-axle, it also bolts on upgraded Fox suspension, larger wheels with off-road tires, unique bodywork, a rollbar and LED lights. Under the hood, you’ll get 600-plus horsepower courtesy of two turbochargers, stainless steel exhaust, an upgraded intercooler and a re-tuned factory ECU. You can also spring for the optional Brembo brakes, even larger wheels and tires, a bespoke interior and electronic upgrades are also available.

When asked why he decided to build the VelociRaptor John Hennessey casually responded, “because we can.” Hard to argue with that.

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