Eagle E-Type Lightweight Speedster



The Jaguar E-Type will forever stand as an automotive icon. The fact that it still gets copied half a century after it first bowed is a testament to its timeless beauty. British restorer, Eagle, has just done up another version of their 2009 E-Type homage. This time, it’s the Eagle E-Type Lightweight Speedster, scaling in at a mere 2,200 pounds and powered to the rear wheels with a 4.7 liter inline six generating 310 horsepower. Though that isn’t a colossal output number, the lightness allows the car to rocket to 60 in less than 5 seconds and reach a top speed of 160. It will not, however, prevent you from getting your hair fulll of bees as you shoot down country roads. The traditional 5-speed standard tranny mated to a limited slip diff aid in the impressive numbers, and the double wishbone suspension, adjustable shocks and stabilizer bars ensure that the Speedster isn’t just impressive in a straight line. The fat wire wheels and beefy quad exhausts round out the modern touches. So, feel free to break out the tweed jacket, matching driving cap and your leather motoring gloves before you hop in. You just might be mistaken for someone of culture. No price announced.

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