The Callaway Yukon Denali Is the High-Horsepower SUV GM Refuses to Build

Finally, a Yukon Denali with performance to match the plush.

While Ford is off making performance crossovers and Dodge is dropping 707 horsepower Hellcat engines in everything, most notably the Jeep Trackhawk, GM is missing out. Sure, the Escalade gets a 420-horsepower non-supercharged version of the 6.2-liter V8 found in the CTS-V, but the three-row behemoth also weighs 7,300-lbs. Callaway, however, has a remedy in the form of the SC560 package for the Yukon, Escalade and Suburban.

Callaway Cars, famous for its hotrod Corvettes , is to Chevrolet what Brabus is to Mercedes. If it has a Chevy bow tie, chances are Callaway will give it an absurd amount of horsepower. The Yukon Denali SC560 in that respect is tame, but the added power is perfect for a massive three-row SUV. The added 120 horsepower, courtesy of a supercharger and intercooler, on top of upgraded suspension and brakes, translates to a Denali that can seriously hustle. It may not be the power you get from a Hellcat engine, but at least you have a sensible and, most importantly, a reasonable and usable amount power to go along with the Denali-grade interior.

What’s more, since the Yukon Denali, Chevy Suburban and Cadillac Escalade are all the same SUV underneath, Callaway will give the same treatment to the other two as well. The Callaway Yukon Denali/Cadillac Escalade SC560 does come with a $120,000 price tag, though. But if Cadillac would do everyone a favor and drop the CTS-V‘s 640 horsepower supercharged V8 in the Escalade, the colossal Caddy would probably clock in with a similar MSRP. Callaway is simply building the V-Series Escalade that Cadillac won’t.

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