Red Wine Paint and a Pig Skin Interior Never Looked So Good

Lamborghini 400GTs don’t pop up very often, and there’s a good reason for that.

Lamborghini 400GTs don’t pop up very often, and there’s a good reason for that — only 247 were ever built. An even rarer find would be a right-hand-drive example, such as this one. But, what makes this particular 400GT even more special is that its first owner is none other than Sir Paul McCartney.

The 400GT tends to get overshadowed by the likes of Lamborghini’s first car the 350GT and the legendary Miura, but the 2+2 Coupe deserves more love than it gets. If anything, as the Italian upstart’s second-ever car, the 400GT helped cement its credibility and place next to the mighty Ferrari. Autocar Magazine gave it rave reviews back in 1967, saying it was “better than all the equivalent exotic and home-bred machinery in this glamorous corner of the fast-car market.” That’s high praise considering the high-end grand touring competition that year included the Aston Martin DB6, Ferrari 275 and Jaguar E-Type.

If you have between $560,000-$690,000 to spare, then make sure you keep an eye on Bonhams Auction at this year’s Goodwood Members’ meeting this weekend. This Lamborghini 400GT may have been somebody’s daily driver back in the day, but that somebody was Sir Paul McCartney.

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