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Okay, so the iconic Porsche 911’s overall shape hasn’t changed much in the last 40 years, but it has certainly become a more complex design. One thing is for sure, the original shape leaves nothing to be desired. It is, in a word, stunning. Well, very few people have the patience and skill to restore a vintage 911, but if you have the funds, you can throw down for a Singer Porsche 911. In a partnership with famed F1 high performance engineering firm, Cosworth, Singer Vehicle Design has provided a modern chassis and an air-cooled flat six engine beneath the surface of a classic shaped carbon fiber 911 body. Depending on the customization you choose, engines range from the 3.6 liter, 300 horsepower to the 4.0 liter, 425+ horsepower version. The white one you see here is only the third one produced, which gives you an indication of how meticulously the car has been crafted. No detail has been spared, from the flawless body to the beautiful dash and vintage Recaro seats. Other tasty bits include Bilstein suspension components, Brembo brakes, Hella lighting and gorgeous Weidmans and Zuffenhaus wheels. All of this custom crafting costs more than a pretty penny, but you can pride yourself in knowing that a vintage inspired 911 was built just for you. Now, lose the video gamer magazine subscription and get yourself some driving lessons.

Breakdown and more images after the jump.

Price: $190,000-$300,000+

A. Brembo Brakes: because you have to stop at some point.

B. Vintage Mirrors: these nickel finished mirrors aren’t from the parts bin.

C. Custom Wheels: you won’t find any goofy dubs on this classic.

D. Well Seated: vintage-inspired Recaro seats are absent of any velour.

E. Machined Nickel Fuel Cap: if you can’t find it, you can’t drive it.

F. Full Carbon Fiber Body: modern tech meets vintage look.

G. Hella Lighting: if it’s good enough for the Paris-Dakar, it’s good enough here.

H. Bilstein Suspension Components: incredible, but just don’t go off roading

I. Custom, Air Cooled Flat-Six, Air: as classic Porsche as it gets.







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