Cadillac Kills Off the ATS and CTS Sedans, But All Hope Is Not Lost

Cadillac is cleaning house and it’s starting with its sedan lineup, but not like Ford’ scorched Earth policy.


According to a report on Automotive News, Cadillac announced it will kill off the ATS sedan, CTS and XTS. The ATS coupe will remain, and, thankfully, two new Sedans will replace the old four-doors. This comes on the heels of GM claiming it’s committed to sedans and Cadillac while Ford was busy dropping bombshell news it’s getting rid of sedans and small cars in the US.

Cadillac keeping the ATS coupe on as a stand-alone model is an interesting situation. The reasoning behind giving the four-door the ax, according to Cadillac spokesman Donny Nordlicht, is “production of the ATS sedan is ending due to extensive plant upgrades, expansion and re-tooling to prepare for the next generation of Cadillac sedans,” but reassuringly adds, “Cadillac’s future sedan portfolio will consist of three sedans, positioned in different segments and clearly differentiated by size and price.”

It stands to reason then, Cadillac will eventually find pseudo-replacements for the ATS and CTS, which is unbelievably comforting. Mainly because both sedans are ridiculously underrated driver’s cars and for the fact that there will four-door void from Dearborn. The third sedan Nordlicht is referring to is the flagship CT6, which will cover the top-end luxury segment for the brand. The question then is, how will Cadillac angle the two new incoming sedans? Will it continue to fight the uphill battle against the Germans with track-tuned luxury cars? Or will it change pace entirely and go back to building vehicles solely focused on the luxurious experiences and take on Lincoln on home soil?

As much as I love the ATS-V and CTS-V super sedans, I’m inclined to think Cadillac channeling energy into the latter strategy will be the way to go. Trying to be all things to all customers never works — it only scatters focus and cars subjected to that objective always tend to fall short in each category. For Cadillac to succeed, it needs to figure out what kind of vehicles it wants to build. These two upcoming replacement sedans might prove to be more crucial to the brand than initially assumed.

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