There Are Over 1.7 Miles of Thread in a Single Bentley Continental GT’s Interior – Read our Review Now

There are 300,000 stitches in each new Bentley Continental GT’s sumptuous interior.


Apparently, it’s Sewing Machine Day — not something we’d normally celebrate. But, Bentley is making use of the holiday (?) to highlight just how much craftsmanship goes into the exquisitely upholstered interior of the brand’s newest Continental GT. According to Bentley, “at least 2.8 kilometers of thread are used in every Continental GT’s interior,” in which the brand’s Diamond-on-Diamond design “takes seven hours; 300,000 stitches” to produce. Needle-less (sorry) to say, those are impressive figures. We recently spent some time in the new GT and came away quite impressed with the very pretty new coupe. Read our review below.

2019 Bentley Continental GT Review: The New GT Is Smarter and Still Completely Iconic

The new Bentley Continental GT ticks all the boxes a generational progression requires: sharper looks, improved performance, and an overall FOMO-inducing level of refinement.

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