A Jaguar Three-Row SUV and New Land Rover Defender Will Be Here by 2024

It’s one thing to announce a refresh of a single model, but knowing Jaguar and Land Rover will look completely different by 2024 is quite a proclamation.

It’s one thing to announce a refresh of a single model, but according to Autocar, Jaguar Land Rover will have an all-new lineup by the year 2024. The staggering number comes in the form of a planned 99 variants across the two brands’ lineups, including at least four new or returning nameplates.

The Evoque is first up for the refresh as well as the Range Rover, though the Range Rover’s renewal date was pushed to 2021 according to the report. Accompanying the new-ish compact SUV and the brand’s longstanding icon will be the long-awaited return of the next-generation Defender and the brand-new J-Pace three-row SUV for Jaguar to sit above the F-Pace.

In the blueprints, there’s a big push for hybridization and adding a few less-off-road-capable cars, but that’s not to say Land Rover is shying away from its roots or V8s. One of the benefits of a switch to plug-in hybrids and electric turbos is that it allows JLR to continue to stick big ol’ eight-cylinders up front but still return halfway decent MPGs in the sportier models. On top of that, a fully electric Range Rover is expected to be one of the 99 variants.

It’s not yet known which nameplates will get which kinds of engines, but it’s understood that eventually, each will have a fully electric version, in addition to the regular gas engine options. We always knew the automotive landscape would rapidly change over the next five to six years, but to hear JLR is revamping its entire fleet, wholesale, is incredibly exciting.

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