This Vintage Skyline Is a Racecar Built for the Road, and It Could be Yours

Who needs a 911 or BMW when you have a JDM legend?

So maybe you want a vintage driver’s car, but you say air-cooled 911s and old-school BMWs are played out. You want something different but won’t compromise on performance. Something fun, but not entirely impractical. Good news: this incredible resto-mod Nissan Skyline has what you need, and it could be yours, though time is running out.

Based on a 1972 C10 Nissan Skyline, a handsome, boxy coupe the US (unfortunately) never got, this car apes the look of the original, grail-worthy original GTR. It has all the essential JDM fixin’s: black wheel arches, Watanabe alloys and fender-mounted wing mirrors. Underneath the hood rests a secret, though: a 3.2-liter inline six tuned by the folks at Rebello Racing making a reported 340 horsepower. In an old, lightweight car like this, that’s insane.

There are more improvements the closer you look. The transmission is a five-speed unit form a later-generation Skyline which sends power to the rear wheels through a limited-slip differential. Front brakes from an R32 Skyline were used, while the suspension was also thoroughly upgraded. Meanwhile, the interior is stripped-down, filled with a roll cage, Recaro racing seats and harnesses.

It is, more or less, a race car built for the road and a dream machine for anyone who grew up playing games like Gran Turismo. That could be a dream come true, so long as you get bidding before the auction closes in a day. As of writing, bidding sits at just over $40,000. That’s not exactly cheap, but it’s like cheaper (and easier) than trying to build your own version from the ground-up.

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