5 Cars Under $35,000 That Prove Excitement Is Not Expensive – Read Our Reviews Now

Consider this an endorsement for affordable fun.


Speed, handling, looks, capability and luxury shouldn’t be accessible only to folks who can drop 100 Large on whatever hot premium car just rolled out of a fancy showroom. These five cars are among the most impressive we’ve encountered this year, and all of them hit well below what enthusiasts might expect to pay for a new vehicle that gets the blood pumping: the very real price point of $35K. Consider this an endorsement for affordable fun.

VW Jetta GLI Review: GTI With a Trunk, Or 3-Box Pretender?

Volkswagen's Jetta GLI aspires to stand tall alongside the iconic GTI. But does it have what it takes to be a true performance sedan? Or is it just riding its big brother's coattails?

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Toyota 86 GT Black Review: Is the New Looks Package Really Worth It?

That's where the GT Black is special: it takes an admittedly cult-classic car and ups the nerd cred a bit within its own circles.

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This Is the Most Important Car Toyota Has Built In the 21st Century

The 2018 Toyota Corolla is not a performance car for the people. It's a car for the people that just happens to have performance.

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This All-New, American All-Wheel-Drive Wagon Costs $15,000 Less than an Audi Allroad

The brand has come full circle: Buick wagons are back.

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Mazda6 Signature Review: A New Approach to Affordable Mid-Sized Sedans

Earlier this year Mazda announced it was 'moving upmarket.' But what does that even mean? The answer is the Mazda6 Signature.

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