The Bowlus Road Chief Is Your New Dream Apartment

For the price, the Bowlus Road Chief already sounds more enticing than a standard Manhattan apartment.

The world of travel trailers is just as remarkable as its off-road counterpart. What the on-road behemoths lack in go-anywhere capabilities, they make up for with an unimaginable level of luxury, design and beauty. Case in point: the brand new Bowlus Road Chief.

Starting at $137,000, or $739 a month, the Road Chief already sounds more enticing than a standard Manhattan apartment. Go through the list of creature comforts — heated floors, cell service booster, two-burner Italian cooktop — and it’s also apparent it’s it’ll beat the city living space on the luxury front too. When you step up to the Endless Highways edition, the price jumps to $219,000 or $1,156 a month, which, again, considering the all the potential front porch views easily beats the concrete jungle.

For the extra $82,000, the Endless Highways edition gets wood flooring, built-in wifi, a Lithium-iron-phosphate battery good for seven days on one charge, a storable 120W Solar Panel and an aluminum front porch among a whole host of material upgrades.

It won’t be able to handle rougher mountain passes like a dedicated overland trailer, but the mirror finish aircraft-grade aluminum shell and 3,500lbs (Endless Highway edition) mean most medium-sized SUVs and trucks can handle the task of towing it. It might seem like a massive financial mission, but if you’re house hunting and can’t decide on a neighborhood, or timezone for that matter, you could save a few hundred thousand dollars and just pick up one of these for a jet age house on wheels.

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