Put Your Luggage to Work and Double It as a Roof Top Cargo Box

Combine what you need from a standard suitcase with the space-saving of a roof-mounted cargo box.


If you want to maximize all the space your car has to offer in terms of carrying gear for a road trip, there are few better solutions than a roof rack and a cargo box. You’ll earn back some interior space without needing to pack less clothing and gear — and all the extras you can’t live without for a couple of days. The downside to a rooftop cargo box is that it pretty much lives on your roof full-time. The Lugga aims to combine what you need from a standard suitcase with the space-saving prowess of a roof-mounted cargo box, thanks to its Modular Suitcase and Car Rack system.

Using a standalone, collapsable roof rack, the Lugga system is made up of hardshell suitcases that attach almost exactly like a regular cargo box. So instead of packing your bags and then stuffing them into a cargo box, Lugga developed a two-in-one system: the separate hard-side cases (two or four) fit together on your roof to form one big, aerodynamic “cargo box,” which they claim can install in 30 seconds. When you reach your destination there’s no need to unpack the whole box — just unlock the suitcase and roll away.

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