MetroShip Modern Houseboat by Ballinger & Co.

Yachtings Nouveau Riche Cousin?


The words “glamour” and “houseboat” normally don’t mingle in the same sentence — let alone the same book. The MetroShip ($250,000+), however, is inspired by the open floor plans of coveted NYC loft spaces and designed by prefab construction phenom David Ballinger. The impetus of the project was to create a luxurious, yet green housing solution for crowded metro areas, and it shines through in the boat’s list of building materials including translucent aluminum grid panels, premium windows & doors and a one piece fiberglass roof. It’s the same story inside, with Viking & Gaggenau kitchen appliances, Italian-made vanities, Kohler bathroom fixtures, and so-called “Danish electronics” (which we hope mean’s Bang & Olufsen). Measuring 48-feet long by 12-feet wide it’s not exactly party-sized, but it should still host couples comfortably. Despite the high-end focus, moving the MetroShip is still probably akin to paddling a bathtub, since a single 90HP or twin 60HP Honda engines are the only available power options. Let the “on a boat” jokes ensue.

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