Get the Toughest Truck in the World for Just Under $7,000

As far as long-term investments go, you can’t beat a Toyota 4×4 Pickup for under $6,800.

If you’re reading this in the United States, you now know the Toyota 4×4 Pickup as the Tacoma — for the rest of the world, it’s the Hilux. But, a Toyota 4×4 Pickup by any other name is just as tough. The Toyota 4×4 is the quintessential example of the type of reliability Toyota is known for. Hop on a flight to South America, the Middle East or anywhere in Europe, and you’ll find Irish bars, Chinese food and Toyota Pickups. They’re that ubiquitous.

If the fact that everyone from local contractors to freedom fighters choose this truck as there transportation doesn’t convince you, look at the Hell one went through at the hands of Jeremy Clarkson and James May. With that in mind, and considering this particular example only has around 105,000 miles on the clock, you’ll get two lifetimes out of this truck.

To see a workhorse like this in such good condition and live such a pampered life with regular servicing and tune-ups is a genuine gift. It just goes to show that you don’t have to fully restore a car to return it to its former glory. Just keep good care of it, like this owner did and you’ll never have to worry about unreliability. And at $6,800, you won’t find much of anything that will stand up to as much or live longer. As far as long-term investments go, you can’t beat a Toyota 4×4 Pickup for under $7,000.

Bid Now: $6,800 (at time of publish)

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