This Modified Ford Bronco Was Perfected 50 Years Ago

Technically, it’s all period-correct.

If waiting until 2020 for the new Ford Bronco is too much to take, this modified 1969 Ford Bronco will fill the void nicely. Don’t worry — even the staunchest of Bronco purists will probably approve of these tweaks. Mainly because they were added on back in 1971. So, technically, it’s all period correct, but more importantly, both tasteful and purposeful.

According to Bring a Trailer, the Bronco was bought by two brothers to use for their oil servicing business in California but they ended up only putting a handful of miles on the truck before storing it in the ’90s. Unlike a lot of modified Broncos you’ll see driving around today, this truck’s additions let it keep its iconic style instead of morphing it into a vintage-styled monster truck.

A repaint, suspension upgrade, new interior, off-road lighting and a winch were bolted on back in ’71. The current owner, who bought it from the original owners, also worked with the same mechanic to repair, update and add the front disk brakes, dual exhaust system, carburetor, electronic ignition and new tires with Warn hubs.

What makes this Bronco even more of a rarity is that, since it was stored for 20 years until 2013 and hardly driven by the original owners, it has a ridiculously low 80,000 miles on the odometer. Granted some of those were probably off-road miles given the first owners’ business, but from the photos, the undercarriage and frame are in great condition for being a half-century old. And, as of this writing, the Bronco is going for under $13,000, but given its condition, desirability, the original upgrades and modern refurbishment, it’s not hard to believe the price tag will keep climbing.

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