The Top 5 Cars of 2018 According to Jeremy Clarkson

When Clarkson’s top five picks of the year surface, some of the choices are complete wild cards while others you could see coming from a mile away.


Jeremy Clarkson’s reviews are legendary for being either violently incendiary or positively glowing and sometimes switch between both from sentence to sentence. Similarly, when Clarkson’s annual top five picks of the (pervious) year surface, some of his choices are complete wild cards while others you could see coming from a mile away. His 2018 favorites are no different — power and speed are definitely a theme, but one or two are a step outside of the norm for the Grand Tour host.

5: Bentley Continental GT


“It’s very safe to say that the new Bentley Continental GT ticks all the boxes a generational progression requires: sharper looks, improved performance, and an overall FOMO-inducing level of refinement.” – Alex Kalogianni

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4: Aston Martin Vantage


“Take one look at its distinctive and futuristic yet heritage-inspired shape and you’re intrigued; hear it start up, and its raucous V8 ignites in you a traditional muscle car lust; drive it and you understand how supportive of your wildest daredevil dreams a car can be.” – Nick Caruso

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3: Alpina B5


Weilding a 600 horsepower V8 and the stylistic and performance upgrades you’d expect from Alpina, it’s no surprise Clarkson calls the B5 “as close to perfect as any car can be.”

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2: Porsche 911 GT2 RS


If you’ve ever caught an episode of the old Top Gear, Clarkson makes it known at almost every turn that he’s not a Porsche fan. So when he says he “truly loved it. Everything about it,” you know the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is one hell of a car.

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1: Lambroghini Huracan Performante


The general consensus on the Huracan Performante across the industry is it’s one of Lamborghini’s best yet. It would seem Clarkson completely agrees.

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