Parajet Let’s Fly Paramotor Package

All-Inexclusive Adrenaline


You don’t just dive into the sport of Paramotoring all willy-nilly like — no matter how much tequila you’ve had. You need training, a motor, a couple of parachutes, a gliding wing, and some fairly large cojones. For those with the appetite for aviation and the wallet to back it up, though, Parajet’s 1-2-3 Let’s Fly Kit that provides everything you’ll need to take off. For ~$5,640, buyers get a Parajet Volution 2 paramotor, a Paramania Revo2 paraglider wing, a reserve parachute, paramotor helmet and one weeks worth of training in the UK or Spain, all for a ~$1,550 less than you’d pay piece meal. Getting to the training course is an additional expense you’ll have to bear, as is rustling up some AK’s, Russian assailants, and a beautiful damsel to truly fulfill your inner Bond.

Buy Now: ~$5,640

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