This Mercedes Wagon Is a Future Classic — And a Total Steal

When a real future classic comes around, they tend to stand out — even if it’s a gray station wagon, like this Mercedes-AMG E63.

Modern cars take a lot of flak for being soulless, uninspired or simply “not built like they used to be.” So, when a real future classic comes around, they tend to stand out — even if it’s a gray station wagon like this Mercedes-AMG E63.

Wagons once roamed American highways as much as today’s breed of crossovers and SUVs, but they’re a much rarer sight, which is why the Mercedes E-Class wagon feels so special. Not only does Mercedes continue to bless our shores with its wagon, but it gives us the cream-of-the-crop AMG performance model. It’s difficult to come by a better example of perfectly balancing performance and practicality, not to mention style.

The E63 S wagon owes a lot of its “future classic” status to the monster twin turbo V8 under the hood. For 2011, Mercedes swapped out the naturally aspirated 6.2-Liter engine and put the all-new 5-5-Liter twin-turbo powerplant in its place. Good for 577 horsepower with 590 lb-ft of torque, the new AMG engine helps get the wagon to go from 0-60 mph in a super car-teasing 3.4 seconds and carries it on to a top speed of 174 mph. Not bad for a family-focused grocery-getter.

This particular E63 S Wagon only has 25,000 miles on the clock, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, being just five years old. When it was new, this German power wagon ran with a base price of $103,295, but easily flirted with $115,000 once all the options boxes were ticked. As of this writing, this wagon is going for around $50,000. Even if the winning bid ends up close to the original MSRP, the new owner can rest easy knowing they have one of the most desirable wagons in the U.S. and no doubt a future classic.

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