Forget the Jeep Gladiator and Get This Toyota Instead

This drop-dead gorgeous Toyota droptop will make you forget all about that brand new pickup Jeep just rolled out.

With the unofficial start to summer now behind us, it’s time to start embracing the flood of Vitamin D-providing sunlight raining down from the sky by taking advantage of the prospect of escaping to the great outdoors every chance available. And this restored ex-military 1992 Toyota Bandeirante Land Cruiser over on Bring a Trailer might be the perfect tool for this summertime job. If nothing else, this drop-dead gorgeous droptop will make you forget all about that brand-new pickup Jeep just rolled out. (What was it called again? The Spartan?)

The Brazilian-built Bandeirante OJ55 Land Cruisers aren’t exactly a purist’s dream, but this particular example, which was recently imported and given a frame-off restoration, is worthy of praise nonetheless. Although the OJ55 models were nearly identical to the Japanese-built BJ40 pickups, there is one slight difference Land Cruiser enthusiasts might take issue with: the Bandeirante version came packing a Mercedes-Benz 3.8-liter diesel inline-four, instead of Toyota’s 3.7-liter direct injection diesel inline four engine.

But if you can get over the fact a German engine resides in a Land Cruiser, or if you’re just more of a fastidious-fit-and-finish fan than a purist, the rest of this restoration is the stuff of dreams. The entire truck was stripped down to the metal, then repainted in a deep Highway Green Pearl that some say it’s the greatest car color of all time. That’s accented with a tan Haartz canvas soft top and doors, and complimented beautifully with a tan vinyl interior.

As for the work you can’t see at first glance, the Mercedes-Benz powerplant received a grocery list of new parts during the overhaul, such as new hoses, wires, filters, a rear main seal and clean injectors. The transfer case, transmission and differentials were all serviced as well. As for modern touches, industry-standard BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A tires wrap around steel hubs at all for corners and upgraded brakes are accompanied by a fresh new set of suspension bushings.

Ex-military vehicles usually have had a rough life and seen a lot of hard miles, so finding an example like this Bandeirante –refurbished or not — in such immaculate condition is a sight to behold. It’s currently going for $16,500 with only a day left on the sale. Even if it only increases a few thousand more dollars, it’ll still be significantly more affordable than the  Jeep…I wanna say Legionnaire?

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