HB Coupe RR

Back to the future


Who says owning a vintage sports car means you have to suffer through seriously dated technology in order to have that feeling of yesteryear? The Huet Brothers have one-upped their take on the vintage sports car with their upcoming HB Coupe. Their first HB Special was based on the guts of Triumph TR6 (cough), but the RR will be based on the stellar BMW 1-Series. Along with the delicious vintage design on a full carbon monocoque body, the Coupe will house myriad engine options, including a 220 hp four-cylinder diesel (RR Diesel), an inline six with 306 hp (RR) and a six cylinder with 330 horses (RR M), which should do 60 mph in less than four seconds. And if that isn’t enough for your heavy foot, then wait for the track version, the HB Coupe Race. Another unique aspect of this car? The Huet Brother are raising funds by selling their line of watches. Orders are being taken now.

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