Someone Paid $2.1 Million for This 2020 Toyota Supra

A Toyota dealer has taken delivery of Supra No. 1 after paying more than $2 million for it at auction earlier this year.


Say what you will about the 2020 Toyota Supra’s provenance or styling, but given its performance and breadth of capability as both track rat and road tripper, it’s hard not to argue that it’s close to a bargain. (Especially now that we’ve learned it’s making way more power than Toyota claims on the spec sheet.)

Of course, to steal a phrase from Orwell, some Supras are more equal than others. For example: the very first 2020 Toyota Supra to roll off the production line. There can be only one of those, and that one was just delivered to the Toyota dealership owner that bought it at auction earlier this year…for a whopping $2.1 million.

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There is, not surprisingly, a catch: Toyota dealer John Staluppi’s $2.1 million will be going not to Toyota itself, but to charity — specifically, the Bob Woodruff Foundation (mission: helping veterans and their families) and the American Heart Association (mission: fairly self-explanatory). For his largess, Staluppi also received a racing suit and a signed picture of Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda, who also scrawled his John Hancock on the engine cover of the 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline-six of Supra No. 1.

The Supra in question is one of the top-trim Launch Edition models, which comes standard with everything from an 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with navigation to matte black forged alloy wheels and red mirror caps. Sure, considering it normally sells for $55,250, you could buy 38 other examples of the 1,500 examples of the Launch Edition being made for the $2.1 million Staluppi paid. But then you wouldn’t be able to write all that off on your taxes.

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