McLaren MP4-12C High Sport

The Art of One Upmanship


Beefing up the already incredible McLaren MP4-12C is like putting a rocket launcher on the Hulk’s back. Having been mentioned in the same breath as the Ferrari 458 Italia, the MP4-12C has already established itself as a bonafide supercar. Well McLaren went all high-end with their MP4-12C High Sport recently. They’ve taken key technology from their MP4-12C GT3 race car and endowed the High Sport model with a new front fascia, bigger vents and rear diffuser, along with a ferocious new wheel package and a tasteful and downforce enabling rear wing. The best part is the infusing of 75 extra horses into the already powerful twin turbo V8, bringing it from 592 to a stupendous 667. But don’t get out your wallet just yet. Only five will be made, and they’ve all been reserved. Another reason to be in the 1%.

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