Morgan Electric Plus E Concept

Vintage Voltage


Most electric vehicles today either look like a slightly massaged lozenge or a hugely expensive exotic. It’s hard to find something with truly vintage roots and an ultra-modern electric powertrain (because there’s a line wrapped around the block, waiting for ’em). Just revealed to the public as an exercise in what “could be”, the Morgan Electric Plus E Concept takes the best of both worlds and delivers an electric car like no other. The body, itself is the classic Morgan shape built on an aluminum chassis, except this time in a screaming yellow outfit.

Within, the Plus E capitalizes on brains from technowhiz British firms, Zytek and Radshape, with an electric motor that spits out 94 horsepower and 70kW to power the rear wheels. And get this — it uses a conventional 5-speed transmission and, yes, three pedals. When depressing the clutch, the electronic controls rev match the motor and the output shaft, resulting in flawless shifts. We love the fact that you can downshift for more power and drive it like a true standard, and it boasts zero emissions. We expect Morgan-like driving dynamics, which is a good thing. The real question is, will they build it? If the Plus E generates enough “electricity”, Morgan might just take it to market.

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