2013 Lincoln MKZ

Babe-raham Lincoln

On the market since 2008 under Lincoln’s MK nomenclature, the MKZ (nee, Zephyr) has been Lincoln’s bread-and-butter vehicle for a few years running. And though it’s never been a looker — having migrated from the somewhat vanilla first generation to the most recent design with an overly toothy grille that borders on Cheshire Cat/Morton Downey, Jr. — the MKZ has certainly pushed Lincoln well beyond the ubiquitous livery heavy Town Car and into the 21st Century, barely. The new 2013 Lincoln MKZ aims to change all that. Just released at the New York Auto Show, the new MKZ is brand spanking new. From the wide moustache grille to the Jaguar-esque C-pillars, the MKZ definitely looks more upscale than its older brother.

Available in a turbo four with 240 hp or a V6 with 300 hp, both engines get solid gas mileage numbers for a car this size (22/33 and 18/26, respectively). A four-cylinder hybrid will also be available with 41/36 numbers. Paddle shifters on the gas engines will work the tranny, while a CVT will come on the hybrid. The awkwardly worded MyLincoln Touch infotainment system with large LCD screen is present in the tasteful interior, along with 11-speaker stereo and heated seats. Other niceties such as lane departure warning, adjustable shocks, adaptive cruise control, adjustable stability and traction control and active noise cancellation are available, as well. Perhaps the most unique feature of this new mini luxo barge is the 15 square foot panoramic sliding roof (optional), so you can sunburn your bald spot or allow the billowy smoke from your cigar to permeate the atmosphere. Look for the new MKZ in the Fall of 2012. Pricing yet to be announced.

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