The Best-Looking Toyota Land Cruiser in Ages Won’t Come Cheap

The Toyota Land Cruiser Heritage Edition won’t have a retro price to go along with its vintage styling.

Back in January, Toyota revealed the Land Cruiser Heritage Edition for the 2020 model year to mark the SUV’s 60th anniversary. It’s a limited run of 1,200 vehicles, and the best-looking Land Cruiser to emerge in quite a while. In addition to some blacked-out and vintage-inspired detailing, Toyota removed the running boards and lower side moldings and ditched the third-row seats. The hulking land yacht looks as though it trimmed down a bit, bought some tighter jeans, and is starting to resemble the athlete it was in decades past.

Sadly, Toyota will not be dialing back the clock on pricing for the Heritage Edition. This SUV won’t be a cheap one to bring home: The starting MSRP will be $87,645, a $2,480 bump over the normal Land Cruiser. The true price comes out to $89,040 with the destination charge included. Admittedly, that’s less than $90,000 — but it’s still a lot.

That said, the sticker price won’t shock Land Cruiser enthusiasts already accustomed to paying heavily on the front end and at the fuel pump for these venerable beasts. But hearing about it may drop the jaws of their friends just as far as seeing the truck in person does.

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