VWerks Red Jacket Jeep

As delicate as a hand grenade


Here at GP, we’re all about refinement and sophistication. But sometimes you just want the kind of visceral brashness that creates shock and awe. This is where a vehicle like the VWerks Red Jacket Jeep ($115,000) fits in nicely. VWerks is a custom builder in Michigan that’s in the business of building specialty vehicles and has partnered with Red Jacket Firearms to create this Franken-Jeep. Based on a 4-door Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, VWerks whacked off the rear and turned it into a Jeep pickup with a 50 inch bed (really, be subtle) and then added some elevation, huge rubber and a host of custom parts to bring the formerly capable Wrangler up to what we think of as the perfect vehicle for an Armageddon milk run. Rounding out the package are full leather interior, Kicker stereo system, front mounted winch, massive brush guard and a beautiful $4OK paint job that you’ll no doubt weep over when you scrape the crap out of it.

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