2012 RM Monaco Auction

Italy's Finest


For the trio of recent Mega Millions Lottery winners, we have a bit of sage wisdom. Invest and invest wisely. The 2012 RM Monaco Auction is a solid place to start. No fewer than 22 pristine and historic Ferraris will appear on the auction block on May 11th and 12th, 2012. From a curvaceous 1963 250 GT Europa to a more recent 2006 Ferrari FXX Evouzione built just for the track (and kept at the track), the veritable Cavallino Rampante feast will surely cause grown men to wet their pants. The star of the show? A 1957 625 TRC Scaglietti Spider should bring top dollar with complete documentation, racing history and serious exclusivity (only two factory TRCs were built). But bring your checkbooks and remember, Americans, you can’t wear your cutoff denim shorts and Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts to this event. The burly ushers will send you straight to CarMax.

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