The Toyota Supra Is Almost Guaranteed to Get More Powerful

Toyota’s chief engineer served up some strong hints that upcoming versions of the Toyota Supra will gain power.

Toyota unveiled the new Supra in January, then launched it onto the streets a few months later. The new sports car’s return sparked two immediate questions in the enthusiast community: When is the more powerful version coming? And where is the stick shift?

Now, it seems, we may have the answer to the first question, at least: Soon.

Recently, Toyota chief engineer Tetsuya Tada sat down for an interview with Autoblog. While he did not formally confirm a more powerful Supra was coming, or provide precise details, he did strongly hint at a more powerful version.

“With a sports car, the promise is to offer more performance with each additional version,” he said. “We have many ideas.”

Autoblog estimates about a 50-hp bump beyond the current (and likely underreported) 335 horsepower when the Supra receives a facelift in a couple years. (Of course, aftermarket tuners already are hard at work pushing the current Supra well beyond that.)

Tada’s response, when asked about a manual transmission, will likely be less encouraging for Supra enthusiasts. The Supra’s BMW sibling car, the Z4, has an optional six-speed manual in some markets. So, Toyota could, in theory, bring over that transmission with minimal fuss. But Tada dumped a heaping bucket of cold water on that speculation, telling Autoblog: “Customers who want a manual should choose the 86.”

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