Aston Martin Will Build You Your Own Bond Villain Lair

Forget the quaint cottage. Aston Martin will build you a full-on Bond villain lair to house your new car.

When you drop $6.38 million on James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, you can’t bring it back just anywhere. But fret not. Aston Martin has this particularly tony source of anxiety covered. The British manufacturer revealed its Automotive Galleries and Lairs service at Pebble Beach this week. The bespoke personalization service will build you a custom garage, gallery or “automotive lair” to showcase your car.

If you’re picturing a quaint English cottage in the Midlands and some worn leather club chairs for your DB5 shooting brake, think grander. If owners are game, Aston Martin is willing to take this thing full-on “Bond villain.” Subterranean dwellings? Underwater glass ceilings? If you can dream it, Aston Martin will try to create it.

Why is Aston Martin doing this? Even a few aspiring Bond villains taking the brand up on this offer should make it a significantly profitable venture. With uncertainty in the automotive market and Aston Martin planning significant expansion, a little extra revenue never hurts.

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