The Porsche Taycan’s Gorgeous Interior Has Finally Been Revealed

Porsche teases a little bit of the new Taycan EV’s interior ahead of the upcoming model’s reveal.


The September 4 launch date for the all-electric Porsche Taycan is fast approaching. In the leadup to the debut, we’ve seen the Taycan repeatedly accelerate using launch control and do hot laps on Formula E circuits. And now, in a press release detailing the car’s tie-in with Apple Music, Porsche has provided us with the first official look at the Taycan’s interior.

Porsche, presumably by design, did not reveal too much before the official reveal. But we now know the Taycan has a less-busy version of the curved instrument cluster found in the Mission E concept. The clock moves to a more traditional spot on the dashboard, as seen in most Porsches with the Sport Chrono package. (In fact, some of the interior will likely look familar to anyone who’s been inside the new Porsche 911.)

It’s not clear whether the passenger side has an additional infotainment screen, as the picture cuts off that side of the dashboard. Also obscured is whatever is going on —  a command touchscreen, perhaps? — on the center console.

As for the Apple deal, the Taycan will feature full Apple Music integration, which should make that service easier to control than using Spotify through Apple Carplay. Porsche will also include a six-month Apple Music subscription and three years of free wireless data to stream it. Not a bad deal.

There’s little doubt Taycan customers will more than make up for those tech-focused savings by working their way through Porsche’s notoriously pricey option tree. But, offering free Apple stuff is without question better optics than BMW trying to convert otherwise free Apple services into a subscription plan.

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