2013 Ferrari California

No more Alfredo sauce

If you’re a car nerd like some of us here at GP, you can spot mid-cycle changes made to an automobile with just a cursory overview (when sober). These mid-cycle refreshers are common in the industry but not so much for Ferrari. The Ferrari California is an exception, and the changes are welcomed. Though plenty powerful and sophisticated, the car was a bit bloated (especially an issue when carrying on the legacy of the stunning Ferrari 250 California).

The 2013 Ferrari California drops the equivalent of some lovehandles and part of a beer gut, shaving off 66 pounds. Output has been increased due to new exhaust manifolds and reprogramming of the ECU, providing 490 hp, up from 453. The increase in power and the decrease in corpulence results in an impressive 0-60 sprint of 3.7 seconds, not too shabby for a heavy grand tourer with a hardtop folding roof. Bolster this performance with the Handling Speciale package that adds magnethorhelogical suspension and more responsive steering and you’re a linebacker in track spikes. If Ferrari could only do something about your large butt.

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