wFoil 18 Albatross

Flying The High Seas


If you’re examining the wFoil 18 Albatross for the first time and, like us, you experience both amazement and confusion — then rest assured the feelings are normal. Part glider, part speed boat, this craft combines the best of two worlds to deliver a ride like none you’ve ever experienced.

Reminiscent of rotary aircraft planes of old and guided by similar design principals, the wFoil makes use of hydrofoils to lift its hull and skate on the water. It looks strange for sure, but the reduced friction allows the boat to reach speeds up to 90 mph, depending on whether a detachable rotary propeller or sail is doing the pulling. Sadly, this Nancy Kerrigan of the seas isn’t available for purchase today, but plans are under way for a consumer option in the future.

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