This VW Van-Pickup Truck Hybrid Could Be the Ultimate Beach Car

Everyone on Nantucket has a Land Cruiser. Check out this vintage Volkswagen instead.

Beach cars are awesome, but they can get a bit ubiquitous in certain areas. Your perfectly broken-in vintage Land Cruiser collecting beach sticker permits loses its charm when it is one of the 294 all rumbling over the Nantucket cobblestones on a given summer weekend. Want a conversation-starting car no one else will have? Check out this 1971 Volkswagen Type 2 Doka up for auction on Bring a Trailer.

The Type 2, in case you’ve forgotten, was your standard Volkswagen Bus. The Doka was a flatbed pickup variant. (“Doka” is short for “doppelkabine,” or “double cab,” in German.) It offers that sweet #VanLife with a bit of pickup truck practicality. This one has been living the island life in the Canary Islands, where a carpenter owned it for 43 years. It underwent a “cosmetic refurbishment” in 2016, in which the vehicle was treated for rust and repainted.

Under the hood, this Type 2 Doka has an air-cooled VW 1.6-liter inline-four engine with a four-speed manual. It put out a little less than 48 horsepower when new. The 150-kilometer-per-hour (93 mph) speedometer may be a tad optimistic; this one, according to the seller, can hit around 100 kph (62 mph) on flat land.

Freight costs to get the VW van/truck to New York from the Canary Islands, per the seller, would run a little over $2,100. And sadly, the seller is not including those spectacular agave surfboards in the photos as part of the deal.

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