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The builder of dreams

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Take one part Brit, one part Porsche enthusiast, one part artist and one part Rastafarian, and you get Magnus Walker. You certainly wouldn’t call him conventional, by any means, but you might just call him an artful genius, based largely on the man’s remarkable ability to bring custom vintage Porsche 911s to life. Having come to our shores at the age of 19, Walker made his way westward to California and was spurred by his father’s love of automobiles and motorsports. This, combined with a love-at-first-sight encounter with a white 1977, Porsche 911 Turbo with Martini Racing livery, drove him to start his pervasive collection of vintage 911s (yes, bemoan your 50 states quarter collection).

As a self-taught mechanic, Walker and his wife bought a large L.A. warehouse, and it’s now where he lives and works, undertaking original 911 builds and custom jobs, largely without advertising. He lives and breathes 911s, and his works are the kind of vintage awesomeness that makes us pine for the past. Take a look at the trailer for the documentary by Tamir Moscovici on this remarkable story of man, machine and our favorite kind of American dream.

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