Yakima RackandRoll Trailer

Pull it real good


When it comes time to take the toys outside to play, transportation becomes key unless your driveway conveniently happens to adjoin a slope, starting line or body of water. Adding another option to the pantheon of roof, hitch and rear mounted options, the lightweight Yakima RackandRoll Trailer ($2,150) makes hauling gear a breeze by removing your ride from the equation, except for the towing bit. Skis, surfboards, kayaks, bikes, and all the sundry gear your pasttime requires can be attached to this tow-behind option. Outfitted with either 66″ or 78″ crossbars, the trailer can pull up to 250 pounds of gear hooked to an every-day ball hitch. While the trailer makes reversing a bit tricky, in all other regards it’s a convenient option: it saves you the hassle (and potential back-injuries) of lifting things atop your ride, conveniently packs down for easy garaget storage, and the crossbars accept all standard Yakima roof mounts. So now what’s your excuse for not getting outdoors?

Buy Now: $2,150

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