1928 Cadillac Al Capone Town Sedan

The Chicago way


Having been finally verified as the real deal, this 1928 Cadillac V-8 “Al Capone” Town Sedan may very well be a real life version of a “Bond Car,” albeit for the wrong side of the law. Replete with 3,000 pounds of armor plating (since removed during restoration), inch thick glass and a drop down rear window for “riddling the competition”, this rarity has been passed down through numerous owners, to appear today on the R&M Auction block.

With a 90 horsepower, V-8 engine, three-speed manual transmission and four-wheel drum brakes, this Caddy was designed with a purpose — to transport the infamous Chicago bootlegging gangster and his cronies in style and a bit of protection. In hopes that it commands upwards of half a million dollars on July 28th, R&M is selling in on behalf of its latest owner, the John O’Quinn estate. If only car interiors could talk.

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