Bell Helicopters 525 Relentless

Whirly bird extraordinaire

Bell Helicopters

If you ever have the urge to take sixteen of your best friends for the ride of their lives, then you’ll want to hold out for the Bell 525 Relentless medium-lift helicopter. Unveiled at the 2012 Heli Expo in Dallas earlier this year, the sleek aircraft takes commercial helicopter technology to the next level.

The 525 is powered by twin GT CT7-2F1 turboshaft engines connected to an all-new five blade rotor that has flaw-tolerance, which keeps vibration low and durability high. Other new touches that set this copter apart are bird strike tolerance, full-de-icing capability and an extremely low drag body that clearly looks modern and sleek. The interior provides 20-inch wide seats for all passengers, LED lighting, a large cargo area, a fully flat floor and easy reconfiguration of seating arrangements. Bell will test fly the 525 in 2013 or 2014 with flight certification expected in 2015. Donald Trump probably already has one on order.

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