Heading Outdoors? The Yamaha Adventure Pro Is the Only Guide You Need

If you ride Yamaha, you do. Their Yamaha Adventure Pro powered by Magellan is the ultimate all-terrain GPS.


It’s a tricky thing, consulting a map while roaring through the backcountry on an ATV or side-by-side. Somewhere between dropping the thing 500 yards ago and squinting at the tiny print to see if you’re anywhere near the trail home, you might find yourself thinking: don’t we have technology for this?

Thanks to Yamaha, you do. Its Adventure Pro powered by Magellan is the ultimate all-terrain GPS. Who wouldn’t want a 7-inch tablet with color LCD display that syncs with Yamaha side-by-sides and ATVs? And it’s not just GPS navigation — it’s got real-time diagnostics and doubles as a camera for humble-bragging your exploits at the end of a long weekend of riding. That’s just the beginning. The Adventure Pro is truly built for adventure, and it’s got more features than you can count. All of which will help you explore further with more capability and confidence than ever before. Portable, versatile, fun — you and your riding buddies will never leave home again without it.

1. Rugged assistant: The Yamaha Adventure Pro powered by Magellan runs its 7-inch color LCD display using Android OS. If you’re a rider, you know this is not enough information. You’ll want to know: how does it stand up against a beating on the trail? Thanks to a ruggedized exterior that’s water and dustproof, just as well as you do.

2. Share your riding exploits: If an ATV roars through the forest and nobody is around to appreciate it, did it even make a sound? With the Adventure Pro’s Twitter and Facebook integration, plus a front and back camera, you can keep all your jealous friends and family up to date on your latest weekend adventures. Its timing mode is Yamaha-exclusive. And because it shares your tracks and courses with other Adventure Pro users, you can turn a humble brag into next weekend’s adventure with friends.

3. Endless features: It’s Bluetooth and wi-fi enabled, to start. Beyond GPS mapping and navigation — it doesn’t need a connection for turn-by-turn navigation, by the way — it has features for online adventure planning, with more than 115,000 pre-loaded trails and waypoints, plus real-time diagnostics readouts including speed. With the one-touch backtrack feature, it’ll even get you home in time for dinner.

Buy Now: $749

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