Vintech P550 Tribute

The return of a legend


The iconic 1950s Porsche 550 Spyder still commands in excess of 3 million dollars with its racing heritage and beautiful design. But not everyone can drop that kind of cash, and 550 Spyders aren’t exactly floating around on eBay. Lucky for us, the minds at French company Vintech have created an homage to the classic 550 with their P550 Tribute, which echoes the same lines but captures the 550 in a hardtop design.

Utilizing modern technology such as a full carbon fiber body, a 3.0 liter 4-cylinder boxer engine and an ultra-lightweight chassis, the 550 Tribute weighs in at a scant 1,212 pounds and produces in excess of 260 horsepower, which should amount to some eye popping performance. You can see the P500 Tribute in person this Friday, August 17th at “The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering” at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. No news on a release date or pricing, but you can be sure that this niche car will cost you a pretty penny, but the exclusivity just might be worth it.

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