Chromjuwelen Classic Car Motor Oil

The lifeblood of legends


Classic car owners are a finicky bunch. Whether it’s a 1961 Jaguar E-Type or a 1931 Auburn Speedster, taking care of your pride and joy is a monumental task, requiring the kind of care that makes your girlfriend seethe with jealousy. And all for something you don’t even drive every day. Instead, that special ride is reserved for Sundays or trips to your brother in-law’s house just to rub in it a little.

Chromjuwelen Motor Oil is the result of a partnership between German auto culture mag (probably sounds like a dog eating peanut butter) and German lubricant technology Mathé, and its specifically formulated to keep your classic baby running well, despite long periods of inactivity.

The unique formula contains a mildly alloyed, mineral-based multigrade oil that adheres to engine parts far longer than standard high-performance oils, providing the lubrication necessary for cold starts, perfect for classic cars that need that extra measure of protection during storage and low usage. It can be mixed with all standard brand name mineral-based, HC synthetic or synthetic motor oils as well and is also appropriate for use in motorcycles. Available in SAE 15W40 and 20W50.

Buy Now: 1 Liter ~$23 | 5 Liter ~$99

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